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anthro - getting strategies Food collection/Hunters and...

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Mid-Term Review ( preliminary-I may add or subtract a couple of things ) Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Concepts Cultural Relativism Ethnocentrism Emic vs. Etic perspectives Holism Sub-disciplines -archaeology -physical anthropology -linguistics -cultural anthropology Ethnography Ethnology Culture Subculture Culture vs. Nature Symbols Cultural universals Innovation vs. diffusion Applied anthropology Inductive vs. deductive approaches Biculturalism Anthropological Ethics Methods and Fieldwork Participant observation Structured and unstructured interviews Census, mapping, document analysis, genealogies Reflexivity Cross-cultural comparisons-HRAF Culture shock Theoretical Perspectives Evolutionism Diffusionism American Historicism Functionalism Neoevolutionism French Structuralism Ethnoscience Feminist Anthropology Cultural Materialism Cultural Ecology Postmodernism Language and Culture Language Symbols Phonology Phonemes Morphemes Grammar Syntax Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Code Switching Text - subtext
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Food Getting Characteristics of Cultures with different food
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Unformatted text preview: getting strategies Food collection/Hunters and Gatherers Horticulture Pastoralism Swidden/slash and burn Agriculture Industrialization Carrying Capacity Neolithic revolution Domestication Optimal Foraging Theory Economics Substantivist vs. formalist approaches to economics Reciprocity Redistribution Market economy Tragedy of the commons Ethnographic Examples ( know these within the context in which we learned them) • Nacerima-emic/etic, ethnocentrism • Bali-Goddess and Compute r-applied • Mali-Dancing Skeletons-fieldwork an methods, theory, nutrition and culture • Ju/hoansi-Dobe !Kung-food and culture-esp. hunter/gatherers • Tiv-Shakespeare in the Bus h-language • O’odham-Food and culture • Kandoka Village \in Papua New Guinea-( Too Many Bananas …)-economics • Kula Ring (Trobriand Islands-Melanesia)-economics • Potlatch/Northwest Coast-economics...
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anthro - getting strategies Food collection/Hunters and...

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