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Unformatted text preview: www.co-ax.com 5-VSV-M 50 DR 5-VSV-F 50 DR valve type with pilot valve data sheet E6.07-11/2009 coaxial valve type VSV-M 50 DR VSV-F 50 DR 3/2 way valve pressure range orifice connection function externally controlled PN 0-40 bar DN 50 mm thread/flange valve normally closed (A ►B) symbol NC valve normally open (A ►B) symbol NO a 4 B ab A C b 2 a 4 B ab A C b 2 Above stated body materials refer to the valve port connections that get in contact with the media only! design pressure balanced, with spring return, intersecting switch-over body materials ① ② steel, galvanized ③ ⑤ without non-ferr. metals ④ steel, nickel plated ⑥ stainless steel valve seat synthetic resin on metal seal materials NBR PTFE, FPM, CR, EPDM general specifications options ports function pressure range Kv value vacuum pressure-vacuum back pressure media abrasive media damping flow direction switching cycles switching time media temperature ambient temperature flush ports leak ports limit switches manual override approvals mounting weight additional equipment VSV-M VSV-F bar m³/h leak rate P1 P2 P2 > P1 special threads threads G 2 special flanges flanges PN 16/40 NC NO 0-16/0-40 A B max.40 / B A max.16 / A C max.40 / C A max.40 43,0 < 10-6 mbar•l•s-1 pressure side max. 40 bar vacuum side leak rate upon request see pressure range gaseous - liquid - highly viscous gelatinous - pasty - contaminated version available by throttles on pilot valve see pressure range 100 opening 150-3000 closing 150-3000 direct mounted pilot valve 60 direct mounted pilot valve 50 details needed for main valve ■ orifice ■ port ■ function NC/NO ■ operating pressure ■ inlet pressure at A, B or C ■ flow rate ■ media ■ media temperature ■ ambient temperature ■ type of actuation details needed for pneumatic actuation ■ nominal voltage ■ type of protection ■ actuation pressure range min/max ■ low wattage coil, actuation pressure range 4-7 bar ■ pilot valve type details needed for hydraulic actuation opening closing 1/min ms °C °C ■ actuation pressure range min/max ■ hydraulic control valve function via pilot valve kg VSV-M 19,2 VSV-F 23,6 remote mounted pilot valve outside temperature range of media max.160°C available available inductive/mechanical upon request LR/GL/WAZ mounting brackets upon request electrical specifications nominal voltage The valves‘ technical design is based on media and application requirements. This can lead to deviations from the general specifications shown on the data sheet with regards to the design, sealing materials and characteristics. If order or application specifications are incomplete or imprecise there exists a risk of an incorrect technical design of the valve for the required application. As a consequence, the physical and / or chemical properties of the materials or seals used, may not be suitable for the intended application. power consumption protection energized duty rating connection additional equipment optional max. temperature explosion proof Un Un DC AC IP 65 (P54) ED options DC 24V special voltage upon request special voltage upon request AC 230V 50 Hz 4,8 W 2,5 W pick up 11,0 VA holding 8,5 VA acc. DIN 40 050 100% plug acc. DIN EN 175301-803 form B, 4 positions x 90° / wire diameter 6-8 mm illuminated plug with varistor M12x1 connector acc. DESINA connector acc. VDMA media 60°C ambient 50°C EEx m II T5 nominal voltage Un direct current 24 V 3,25 W alternating current 230 V 50 Hz 2,90 W power consumption pneumatic specifications actuation pressure range air consumption cycle speed control pilot valve interface actuator ports options bar 4-10 cm³/stroke 65 main valve speed variable by throttles on pilot valve preferably 5/2-way pilot valve co-ax / NAMUR ISO 1 2/4 G 1/8 G 1/4 hydraulic specifications options NPT 1/4 ■ specifications not highlighted are standard müller co-ax ag • actuation pressure range control actuator ports bar 10-30 / 30-60 preferably 4/2-way control valve X/Y G 1/4 specifications highlighted in grey are optional Gottfried-Müller-Str. 1 • D-74670 Forchtenberg • Germany • fon +49(0)7947/828-0 • fax +49(0)7947/828-11 • Email info@co-ax.com type VSV-M 50 DR 2 Y 4 X function: NC closed when not energized (A ►B) 100 A B 8,5 80 74 C 134,5 50 G 13 L2 13 16 L1 16 constructive length standard with 1/2 inductive limit switches with force-feed lubrication nipple with mechanical limit switches L1 328 354 - L2 334 360 - L3 428 454 - flanges PN 16 40 DIN 2633 2635 ØD Øk Ød 165 165 125 125 18 18 type VSV-F 50 DR 4 X 2 Y function: NO open when not energized (A ►B) 84,5 100 A B 50 50 8,5 130 124 C L3 k D 13 34 34 13 L2 d pneumatic actuation (separately) 14 42 12 5/2-way-pilot valve flow rate 700 l/min pressure range 3-10 bar G 1/8 5 13 14 42 12 5 13 5/2-way-pilot valve ISO 1 flow rate 700 l/min pressure range 3-10 bar G 1/4 T he applic ation - specif ic layout relating to temperature, pressure c onditions, switching behavior, media and its c on sistency may restrict the range of use or nec essitate relevant modif ic ations to materials used and seal ar rangements. R ights reserved to make technical alterations • Not responsible for printing errors • Detailled drawings can be obtained upon request ...
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