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Work on separate sheets of paper. Must be turned in at beginning of class. First page blank with only your name and should be stapled. Homework will be collected promptly at 2:30. If not submitted in time, it will not be graded. 1. A 3-stack VRSM with 4 rotor teeth is to be operated at an average speed of 200 rpm (revolu- tions per minute). What is the step length in degrees? Assuming the phase currents are 0 or (only one phase on at a time), sketch one full period of indicating the times it is zero and nonzero. What is the frequency of the phase current in rad/s? 2. The following stepping sequence is applied to a 3-phase VRSM with 4 rotor teeth: , to , , to , . Initially, . The rotor position is allowed to settle to a constant after each step. Sketch the corresponding tra- jectory below and indicate the rotor positions after each step (you are to turn in this sheet). What is the final value of in degrees? Assume . Neglect overshoot. 3. For a given phase (stack) in the VRSM of Problem 1, the maximum self-inductance is 40 mH
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