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ECE453Fall2010HW7[1] - Fall 2010 HW 6 ECE 453 HW#7 Due...

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Fall 2010 ECE 453 HW #7 Due 11/15 (Monday) HW # 6 Due Monday, November 15, 2010 These problems are based on Chapter 15 of notes (see Notes#5). Useful reference: QTAT, Section 3.4 QTAT: S.Datta, Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor, Cambridge (2005), ISBN 0- 521-63145-9, on reserve in Engineering Library and HKN lounge Problem 1: We wish to calculate the current, I through a single discrete energy level ! and the average number of electrons, N using the multielectron picture where we have two levels ‘0’ and ‘1’ corresponding to the one-electron level being empty or full respectively. Your answers to all questions below should be in terms of the Fermi functions in the two contacts and the couplings 1 and 2 for the two contacts. (a) Equate the rate of transition from ‘0’ to ‘1’and that from ‘1’ to ‘0’ to obtain an expression relating the probabilities P 0 and P 1 . (b)
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