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ECE 453 Assignment 3 Solutions[1]

ECE 453 Assignment 3 Solutions[1] - ECE 453 Assignment 3...

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ECE 453 Assignment 3 Solutions The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the importance of the electrostatics of any device while calculating Current-Voltage characteristics. The channel region of a “MOSFET” is under two different external fields, the source to drain potential and gate to substrate potential. We typically ground the source and the substrate terminals while doing any measurements/normal operations. Depending upon the various voltages then applied to the gate or the drain terminals and the design of the MOSFET we can get different Current-Voltage characteristics. In this exercise, we try to understand the effect of the drain voltage on the current. We also will observe the effect of the “design” of the MOSFET on its characteristics. Due to the design and fabrication process, the channel maybe electrostatically coupled more to the drain or the source region. Part (a) of the exercise will simulate a “well designed and fabricated” MOSFET which is completely coupled to the
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