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PURDUE UNIVERSITY School of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 302 Probabilistic Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering Division 2 (TuTh 3-4.15 pm) Class Information Fall 2010 Lecture Hours: 3 Total Credits: 3 Prerequisites: MA 262 or MA 266. Prerequisites by Topic: basic calculus skills; differential equations; familiarity with basic concepts of circuits and linear system analysis, such as convolution; familiarity with Fourier analysis and two-sided transforms used in solving linear systems and differential equations. Corequisite: ECE 301 Instructor: Professor Okan Ersoy MSEE 346 [email protected] Office hours M W 2-3 pm Course TA Satyam Srivastava [email protected] EE238, tel: 495-7559 Office hours MW2-4pm Grader Vikrant Singh [email protected] tel: 337-7174 Course Web Site: All handouts and announcements will be sent to you by email. There will be a weekly calendar so that you can follow up with everything covered in a more organized fashion. Each weekly program will be emailed to you as a zipped folder. We will also temporarily use the web site to store current lecture notes, homeworks etc, and these will be replaced after you receive the weekly course coverage. ` The course will follow the instructor's course notes as well as some other materials which will be made available to you, and the following textbook: Course Textbook: Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineering, 3rd edition, Alberto LeonGarcia,
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Prentice Hall, 2008. ISBN 0-13-601641-3. Recommended Books: Introduction to Probability, Dimitri P. Bertsekas and John N. Tsitsiklis. Athena Scientific, Belmont, Massachusetts, 2002. ISBN 1-886529-40-X. Probability, Random Variables and Random Signal Principles, P. Z. Peebles, Jr., 3 rd edition, McGraw Hill, 1993, ISBN 0-07-049273-5. Wendy L. Martinez, Angel R. Martinez, Computational Statistics Handbook with Matlab, 2 nd edition, Chapman and Hall, CRC, 2008. ECE 302 Division 1 Spring 2007 2 Class Information Course Outcomes A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated: i. an ability to solve simple probability problems in engineering applications; ii.
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syllabus_ece302_f10[1] - PURDUE UNIVERSITY School of...

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