hw07 - before class starts on the due date. ② There will...

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MTH 201 Problem Set #7 Due: Wednesday, May 26, 2:15pm Solve the following textbook problems: Problems 7, 9, 12 on page 181 Problems 2, 3 on page 202 Problems 5, 7 on page 209 (In problem 7, you don’t have to write the ODE in the form of (1) on 203.) Note : Please put your homework on the lectern in the classroom
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Unformatted text preview: before class starts on the due date. ② There will be a penalty of 1 point for each of the following cases: A. Unstapled homework B. Homework submitted after 2:15pm ③ Homework submitted after class will not be accepted (unless it is justified)....
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