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Unformatted text preview: The cardiac cycle Diastole cardiac muscle is relaxing Systole - cardiac muscle is contracting Figure 14-24 Ventricles do not completely empty at contraction. Stroke volume is the volume of blood pumped by one ventricle in one contraction. 70 ml 4 in3 2.4 fl oz. 1/4 cup Figure 14-25 Cardiac output may be modified by neural input increases heart rate slows heart rate Figure 14-27 "Starling" curve - the ventricles will contract more forcefully when start contraction more distended Figure 14-28 cardiac output = heart rate X stroke volume typical numbers: cardiac output = 70 beats/min X 70 ml/beat = 4900 ml/min total blood volume is about 5 liters therefore ~all blood passes through (total) heart once/minute Figure 14-31 ...
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