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Unformatted text preview: Control of food intake by the brain feeding center (tonically active) satiety center Figure 22-1 Measurement of metabolic rate • Metabolism - all of the chemical reactions in the body • Energy expenditure – measured by heat production (calorimetry) – oxygen consumption rate (indirect calorimetry) • Respiratory quotient (CO2 produced/O2 consumed) varies with diet – 1.0 for carbohydrates – 0.7 for fat – 0.8 for protein Anabolism - pathways involving synthesis Catabolism - pathways involving breaking down molecules Figure 22-2 • Composition of foods – Link to Food and Nutrition Information Center (USDA site) Cholesterol review - fat digestion and absorption Fig. 21-18 and 21-20 review bile salt production by liver Fig. 21-10 Figure 22-5 Fasted-state metabolism Figure 22-7 ...
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