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final exam notes - Buy federal duck stamps funds have...

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Loss of green buffers Government outlaw of destroying certain forests Government creation of an organization dedicated to protecting forests or make EPA have stricter regulations about it People could give up living near the water Plant trees to restore damage People could join organizations and help aid in protests of deforestation Increasing sediment loads No-till farming/conservation tillage – aimed at keeping sediment in field Riparian buffers- vegetative buffers between land and water to keep sediment on land BMPs- farmers should use less soil Plant trees and other plants to have roots to anchor soil Put fences around gardens Loss of marshes/ wetlands Government could create an organization dedicated to wetland restoration that can raise money and get government funding to organize restoration projects Plant grasses that can survive in marsh conditions to prevent erosion by absorbing wave energy and anchoring sediment
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Unformatted text preview: Buy federal duck stamps- funds have acquired almost four million acres of wetland Uncontrolled development • Government enforcement of critical areas act (restricts development w/in 1000 ft of bay and its tributaries) • People can give up water-front views and live further away from water • Start a government petition to restrict building near bay Excess nutrients • Banned phosphates in detergents • Nutrient management- farmers keep feces from animals on own land • Better utilization of nutrients- use less fertilizer • Sewage treatment plant upgrades and enforcing them • Use dry leaf mulch instead of fertilizer • Write letters to politicians about the need for cleaning the bay- they respond to constituents • Join organizations like the Chesapeake Bay Foundation • Air deposition affected by air pollution from cars and gas-powered lawn tools that people use. 1/3 of nitrogen in bay comes from this...
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