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Final Exam - Final Exam Loss of green buffers o This is a...

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Final Exam Loss of green buffers o This is a large problem for the Chesapeake Bay. Green buffers are generally forests (trees) or riparian buffers. These natural habitats are constantly being removed and cut down to make room for houses and development. This is problematic because these areas keep sediments and nutrients out of the bay by holding soil in place and preventing erosion with roots. They also provide shade, which cools the water down. Cooler water holds gas better and is therefore better oxygenated. o Specific actions from the community/ governmental level The government could outlaw cutting down certain forested areas The government could create an agency dedicated to protecting certain forests or make the EPA have stricter regulations about it o Specific actions at the individual level People could choose to build houses not near the water People could plant trees near the water to repair the damage, especially near streams and tributaries Increasing sediment loads o Increasing sediment loads cause constant and grave problems for the bay. Soil erosion from farmland means that nutrients are lost from farmland and over-enrich the bay. Sediment also affects the amount of light penetration to SAVs, which makes it harder for them to photosynthesize and therefore reduces the amount of oxygen in the water and the amount of grasses in general. o
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Final Exam - Final Exam Loss of green buffers o This is a...

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