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first test - Review Outline Ordovician period: 500 million...

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Review Outline Ordovician period: 500 million years ago o Appalachians form o Coastal plane: the stuff that has eroded. Formed by soft sediment. East of the fall line o In between: the piedmont. Edge of the ridge that the Appalachians are on. Hard material. Waterfalls form at the edge o The fall line: edge of the piedmont. Estuaries begin here Earliest bay life: o Miocene epoch: 5-25 millions of years ago o “White curiosities”- first animals o Most fossils come from this time because the temperature was higher so the sea level was higher o Ecphora- snail- MD state fossil Watershed: all the land area that drains to a single, specific point. The Chesapeake Bay itself is a watershed. o 64,000 square miles. Airshed: depends on the weather. Winds, pollutants- aren’t restricted to one area like those in the bay. The airshed is about 5 times larger than the watershed and can bring pollutants from hundreds of miles away. 20-30% of the bay’s nitrogen comes from the airshed. Direct evidence for the meteor: the area of impact is an area of reduced gravity due to immense pressure and temperature on the earth in that area. Indirect evidence for the meteor: all rivers flow downhill into the bay in the general direction of the impact. How/when the bay formed: o Oligocene epoch, 35.5 million years ago o From the meteor, filled in with water (drowned river valley). 8,000 to 10,000 years old. Estuaries: semi-enclosed body of coastal water that has a free connection to the sea and where seawater is diluted by fresh water.
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o Drowned river valley: when sea level rose, a river valley was filled in. *Chesapeake
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first test - Review Outline Ordovician period: 500 million...

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