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CCJS100: Introduction to Criminal Justice Final Exam 1. The idea that children should be treated differently than adults originated in the common law and courts of a. England 2. Which of the following statements is accurate? a. a juvenile can waive his right to counsel or protection against self incrimination 3. Which of the following statements is true? a. A child’s behavioral history affects the disposition of a case of juvenile delinquency 4. Which if the following statements about the due process rights of juveniles is TRUE? a. Juveniles have only some of the due process rights guaranteed to adults 5. Acts such as cigarette smoking or truancy that are not criminal when committed by adults are called what in the juvenile justice context? a. Status offenses 6. In the U.S., public opinion most strongly favors which of the following in dealing with deliquent juveniles? a. A rehabilitative emphasis 7. According gto your text, which of the following sattements about offenses committed by juveniles is true? a. The offenses committed by juveniles are mostly violations of state law 8. Throughout the United States, the upper age limit for juvenile court jurisidiction typically varies between: a. 16 and 18 years of age 9. What is the youngest age a juvenile can be waived to adult court in the US? a. 10 10. What is the difference between a neglected and dependent child?
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a. A neglected child is not receiving proper care because of some action or inaction of his parents, whereas a dependent child either has no parent or guardian or has parents who cannot provide proper care 11. In its original, underlying philosophy, the juvenile justice system is primarily concerned with the interests and needs of: a. Child 12. Which of the following statements about juvenile officers is FALSE? a.
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CRIM_FINAL - CCJS100: Introduction to Criminal Justice...

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