test 2 guidelines

test 2 guidelines - For tomorrow, please read through...

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For tomorrow, please read through Keats's "Ode to a Nightingale" one more time. And do yourself a favor--take a few notes on the differences in the "worlds" between nightingale and poet. Perhaps ask yourself how the poet attempts to go between each world throughout the poem. I as- sure you this is important. I have another test tip for you. Although you should concentrate the ma- jority of your energy on the poems we have read since the last exam, don't entirely forget about Whitman, Frost, and, to some extent, Larkin. The test is 'slightly' cumulative. You may, in fact, see some similar ques- tions. And for those of you who didn't pick up your first tests from me yet, I urge you to: you may be able to atone for misses on this next exam. Finally, here is an entry from the NEW PRINCETON ENCYCLOPE- DIA. ..on "Vilanelle." If I am eliminating some of the legwork for you, then I hope you can gain a fuller understanding than some of your lec- ture-mates. The entries here are comprehensive and assume your intelli- gence. ~ "Villanelle" (from It. villanella, a rustic song or dance, villano, a peasant). Introduced into France in the 16th c. (Grévin, Du Bellay, Desportes), the v. first had as its only distinguishing features a pastoral subject and use of a refrain; in other respects it was without rule, although a sequence of four 8-line stanzas with a refrain of one or two lines repeated at the end of each
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test 2 guidelines - For tomorrow, please read through...

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