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Background on gender development Prenatal period: the time before birth. Sex organs develop during this period. Infancy: the period between birth and 18 months of life The 23 rd pair of chromosomes is the sex chromosomes- the chromosomes that determine whether the embryo will be genetically male or female. The egg from the mother always supplies an X chromosome. The father’s sperm will contain either an X or Y chromosome, determining the sex. XY: male. XX: female. Until about 6 weeks after conception, female and male embryos are virtually identical in all characteristics except chromosomes. Mullerian ducts: internal female system. Develops into a uterus, egg ducts, and part of the vagina. Wolffian ducts: internal male system. Develops into structures such as the prostate gland and the vesicles for semen. Gonads: sex glands The development of external genitals occurs in about the third month after conception. In males, the testes secrete two substances: mullerian regression hormone that shrinks the mullerian ducts, and androgen, one of the male sex hormones. The genital tubercle becomes the penis In females, the ovaries begin to make estrogen 4 processes begin the differentiation of males and females: the development of the internal reproductive system, the development of the gonads, the production of hormones, and the development of the external genitals. Intesexed individuals: have genitals that are not clearly female or clearly male.
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ch3-infancy&childhood - Background on gender...

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