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ch8-love relationships

ch8-love relationships - Dating and living together Regan...

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Dating and living together Regan and Bershceid: asked undergrads to rank a variety of personal characteristics in terms of their desirability for a partner for sexual activity vs. a partner for a long-term relationship. o Both men and women ranked physical attractiveness as ideal in a sexual partner, though men were more likely than women to rank physical attractiveness as the most important characteristic o Both women and men value honesty, good personality, and intelligence in a long-term partner. Burn and Ward found that college women were more satisfied with their romantic relationships if their partner was low in traditionally masculine characteristics. Different cultures value different characteristics in a marriage partner Men in all different cultures are more likely than women to emphasize physical attractiveness. Evolutionary-psychology approach: argues that various species gradually change over the course of many generations so that they can adapt better to their environment o It is controversial whether or not evolutionary explanations can account for gender differences in romantic preferences. o People who argue for this approach say that: Men are driven to prefer young, attractive, healthy-looking women because those are the most likely to be fertile.
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