Final Review Outline

Final Review Outline - PSYC 336/ WMST 336 Fall 2008 Review...

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PSYC 336/ WMST 336 Fall 2008 Review Sheet: Final Exam I believe that this list is pretty complete, but I can’t guarantee that everything on here will be on the test or that something on the test is not here. Some questions are factual, others require you to apply the material. There are 70 multiple choice questions on the test. Terminology Sex versus gender Sex = biological label of being either female or male based reproductive organs Gender Sexism (types and examples) Sexism = discrimination based on sex; “Male-as-Normative” 2 Types = 1. Benevolent (mild – thinking women need male’s help) & 2. Hostile (more drastic – refusing to hire a woman assistant) Stereotypes, stereotype threat, how they work Stereotypes = beliefs (usually negative) that we associate with a group of people; Stereotype Threat = fear of living up to the stereotype your ingroup faces actually causes you to prove it correct; stereotypes lead to prejudice (attitudes) & discrimination (actions) towards other groups; Descriptive component = stereotypical traits & Prescriptive features = how men/women should behave; affect you when you first meet somebody Feminism: types, waves Feminism = women’s experiences and ideas are valued; believing in equal rights regardless of gender therefore, want to increase rights of women; 4 Types = Liberal, Radical, Cultural, Type of Color (Respectively: reduce gender diffs, blame politics & want drastic changes, emphasize strong qualities, focus on ethnicity); Waves = First: 1890-1930’s = male brains are bigger = smarter; Second: 1936-1950’s = no diff in IQ; Traits for males still prove favored & 1960’s-1970’s = Civil Rights & increase in power/jobs; realize socialization NOT biology; Third: 1980’s-present = increasing power & psych of women & psych of men studied differently. Discrimination: types, examples Discrimination = negative actions towards group; prevented from doing certain things based on class, sex, race, etc.; Expectations of boys = No sissy stuff, the big wheel, the sturdy oak, Give ‘em hell; judged on appearance, behavior & occupation; Expectations of women = piety (less worldly), purity, domesticity and submissiveness (not assertive) Biological, evolutionary, social theories of gender = Biological = genes for certain things (i.e. believed men to have biological ability to run faster); evolutionary = women meant to reproduce & nurture while men hunt & protect; survival of the fittest & sex mate selection (women = want resources; men = want young & fertile) Social = learn from parents & society the believed “norms” they should follow; socialization Research methods, meta-analysis = Methods = Quantitative [converts # to scores for real data] vs. Qualitative [interview, observations, etc. not interested in score but actions &
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Final Review Outline - PSYC 336/ WMST 336 Fall 2008 Review...

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