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midterm practice questions - Self-Test for Chapter 1 1)...

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Self-Test for Chapter 1 1) Division 14 of the APA represents I/O psychologists. This division is called: a) JAP b) SIOP c) SHRM d) ASVAB 2) The sub-field of I/O psychology that would most likely examine how machines and equipment should be designed to be compatible with human abilities is: a) quality of worklife b) ergonomics c) organization development d) selection and placement 3) The present stage in the history of I/O psychology is referred to as: a) Government intervention b) Toward specialization c) The information age d) Technological change 4) Which of the following is not a founding figure of I/O psychology? a) W. L. Bryan b) Walter Dill Scott c) Frederick Taylor d) Hugo Munsterberg 5) Which of the following tests were used during World War I? a) Army Beta b) Army General Classification Test c) Situational Stress Test d) Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery 6) A local company decided to give its employees a chance to voice their opinions through the use of a suggestion system. Employees initially appreciated this opportunity and the productivity in the plant increased significantly. After a few months, however, the novelty of the suggestion system wore out and employees returned to previous levels of performance. This is an example of: a) organization development b) the Hawthorne effect c) engineering psychology d) the human relations movement 7) The human relations movement: a) examined social relationships in the work environment b) focused on improving work efficiency through specialization c) emphasized careful selection procedures d) was the guiding force in completing Project A
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8) The main goal of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was: a) encourage the use of tests in the selection procedure b) reduce unfair discrimination against minorities c) reduce compensation disparities between men and women d) prohibit age discrimination in the workplace 9) In response to 9/11/01, I/O psychologists played a vital role in: a) identifying key cultural indicators of potential terrorists b) classifying employees who may likely commit violent acts c) documenting the workplace stressors in airports and seaports d) assisting the TSA in selecting airport security screeners 10) The mandate of I/O psychology is to: a) increase the fit between the workplace and the workforce in a time of rapid change b) increase industrial efficiency c) increase compensation for the middle class worker d) make jobs more enjoyable and creative 1) Identify and describe the six fields of I/O psychology. 2) Describe the main contributions of each of the founding figures of I/O psychology: Walter Dill Scott, Frederick Taylor, Hugo Munsterberg, and Lillian Gilbreth. 3)
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midterm practice questions - Self-Test for Chapter 1 1)...

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