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Comm finance final - Steven Cohan, Michael Lin, Andrew...

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Steven Cohan, Michael Lin, Andrew Tasselmyer, Jamie Weiss COMM107 Career Research Paper 02.26.09 Just by turning on CNBC and seeing live shots from the floor during an average day, one might wonder how the stock market can function effectively through so much chaos. How can millions of American investors be confident that their money is being put to good use? The fact of the matter is that these investors gain their confidence form the work of financial professionals. Financial careers are the backbone of the American economy. Financial advisors “help governments and companies issue securities, help investors purchase securities, manage financial assets, trade securities and provide financial advice” ( It is their job to ensure that an investor has the capital, ability, and knowledge necessary to achieve success in their money activities. The world of finance and investment leans very heavily on the ability to use effective communication in order to involve clients in the market process. There are many different skills and prerequisites necessary to be successful in the field of finance, including education, experience and communication. Finance is a very dynamic and competitive field. It is imperative to have the necessary education, skills and work experience before seeking a career. Among these categories, there are a few specific credentials that employer’s look for. First, all applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree out of college and for some companies, a master’s in business administration is required. Alex Gonzalez, an employee at Lehman Brother’s, one of the largest investment banks in the world before its 2008 collapse, emphasizes the importance of having a high grade point average and experience in the field of finance (Gonzalez- interview). The most common form of experience for college students or new graduates often lies in internships. As explained
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in a Business Week article, "The college internship has become nothing less than a high-stakes tryout to land the perfect first job. Think of it as the job interview that lasts all summer long” (Gerdes). Meaning, the experience gained can either land one a job in the host company or open other doors to new opportunities elsewhere. Other notable points of distinction on the job applicant’s resume are unique accomplishments. Alex Gonzalez also explained the role that his self-built eBay business and the founding of a new fraternity on his college campus played in landing him a job. Credentials and experience will get one far, but an interview can be the deciding factor for an employer. It is important to act properly at the interview since this is the only impression the employer will have of potential employees. Companies look for professional dress, steady eye contact, enthusiasm, confidence, and intriguing dialogue (Tahmincioglu). Financial professional are the links between the average retail investor, a corporation, and
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Comm finance final - Steven Cohan, Michael Lin, Andrew...

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