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Coming into college it can be overwhelming to make a decision about what type of computer to buy. It seems that unlike other decisions which the school makes for you the MAC vs PC decision is in your hands. Although both computers have their advantages after researching the pros and cons of both computer systems I have come to the decision that you should buy a MAC 1. MACS ARE MORE DURABLE AND LIGHTER the heaviest mac is only six pounds, easy to carry around campus Made out of recycled aluminum more durable than your plastic pc, which also makes them more eco friendly The magnetic power cord helps prevent from damage and makes the laptop more usable 2. COMES WITH A LOT OF SUPPORT College students being away from home we need a lot of help when it comes to computer problems. Although the IT center is able to help with basic software problems anything to do with a hard drive problem can’t help. Instead if your MAC is having hardware problems you can bring the computer to any APPLE store and receive
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