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Final Exam Study Guide - D. Liberal Reform (under JFK and...

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Unformatted text preview: D. Liberal Reform (under JFK and LBJ) 1. Contrast JFK's 1960s image and his legacy. JFK was all about the image during this election. He basically won because of his image, which changed the nature of voting. Image 100% created family, and arranged to fit wholesome image, no harm in it but obsession of good image is imposed. When he was assassinated, first-time mourners came to pay a tribute to his manufactured image. Image of vigorous president and loving family was manufactured. Image vs. reality involved with JFKs approach to president. His health was so bad even during his assassination. 2. What is the Great Society and what movements did it draw upon? US is the wealthiest and most powerful nation and shouldnt have this much poverty. Lyndon B. Johnson had vision for a Great Society including civil rights legislation, war on poverty, and other social movements Medicare, Medicaid, scholarships, environmental issues, peace corps (VISTA), Foster Grandparents Plan, drug counseling clinics, community action programs, improved quality of TV, immigration reform, goal was to improve the quality of life for all examples of some legislation passed Civil Rights Legislation, Unconditional War on poverty, other social various programs and Economic Opportunity Act which consisted of 10 programs, billions of dollars, to eliminate poverty. He got this bill passed using two methods, the Johnson treatment and constantly saying, Lets do this in memory of JFK. 3. What are examples of some legislation passed? 4. How successful was the Great Society - what are its legacies? The public supported it, Americas period of liberalism and Johnsons accomplishments can still be seen today with TV shows on PBS and Sesame Street and Medicare Aid. 5. How and why did the Great Society fall apart? War in Vietnam ended Lyndons dream when in 1968 the public turns against the Great Society because of the new War. Nixon gets elected instead. Critics were dissatisfied. In the fall of 1966 the republicans gain enough seats in congress to reestablish conservative coalition. This slowed down LBJs legislative drive. The anti war movement and countercultural movements also slowed down he Great Society. 6. What was the conservative or "white backlash" that replaced it? Liberalism was climbing up until and the height of liberalism for LBJ and backlashes with Vietnam War making the citizens turn on the federal government. Since then there has been a backlash against big government, the federal governments role has not grown substantially, taxes have been cut, and conservationism had gradually grown over 40 years become the dominant force in US government....
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Final Exam Study Guide - D. Liberal Reform (under JFK and...

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