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final exam studyguide 2 - As time progressed government...

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As time progressed, government intervention began to increase to regulate our economy… LIBERALISM the government coming to the aid of Americans. Progressivism was the first, then the New Deal by FDR, and finally the Great Society by LBJ. Progressivism (1890-1920)- Concerned with some regulation of the economy because of monopolies. - Progressives targeted the chaos and problems in the cities o This was accomplished through government power, expertise, and bureaucracy o This reform movement was directed to solve the labor strikes and poor conditions for people living in tenements, because the cities were overpopulated due to the influx of immigrants, and progressives were interested in bettering the conditions for the immigrants in general o Progressive movement was known as a reform impulse o Roosevelt (TR) First progressive president Used his power to improve regulation for children and women workers and to protect them. He also used it to create shorter work days (8hr) Created more discipline in the police department and changed the rules and regulations to enhance the departments. Offered the common people a square deal Believed in the power of trusts. He was known as a Trust Buster. Attempted to use government power to regulate business Signs the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906 Labels on food had to be accurate and it prohibited dangerous items from being placed in foods Meat Inspection Act Meat was now being inspected and better sanitation was required when the meat was being packaged o Jane Addams Progressive reformer form a middle class family Part of the first generation of women in the United States to attend college Created Hull House in Chicago along with other middle aged progressive women Settlement house Large facility day care Taught English to the children because most of them were immigrants who didn’t know the language Also known as a community center Saw immigration as one of the reasons for the cities being chaotic
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Jane along with other middle aged progressive women like Ellen Star wanted city government to improve the sanitation, safety in factories, and pave and clean the streets. o Reform in the cities sanitation and health departments in the cities o Upton Sinclair The Jungle book that described the disgusting health conditions with meat and food in general such as how they were packaged Resulted in two acts: Meat inspection Act and Food and Drug Act o Wilson racist, refused to speak out publicly on the behalf of blacks and the terrible acts being committed Progressive democrat who went after lowering tariffs with the Underwood Simmons Tariff Bill congress accepted it Taxing on imports was a main source of income for the government; they needed to make up for it now… Progressive income tax: 1% tax on income over 4,000 a year Federal Reserve Act reorganization of the banking system A chairman was designated for each banking district and then the
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final exam studyguide 2 - As time progressed government...

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