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thet study guide cont - gender or ethnicity • Three types...

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Director’s concept: the director decides what to emphasize. Examples from DOAS: female role, father-son relationship, depression, economic obscurity Two primary jobs of the director o Unification o Interpretation/director’s concept- overall image or metaphor for the play Before rehearsals: o Research o Interpret the play o Design meetings: 1. Concept meeting 2. Design ideas 3. Renderings 4. Preliminary drawings 5. Cost 6. Shops o Cast actors: auditions- monologue or cold reading. Then callbacks. During rehearsals: o First read-through o Table work o Blocking: motivated, stage picture, sight lines, coach actors, coordinating production team. o On stage: technical rehearsal, dress rehearsal, preview. Nontraditional casting: making a conscious choice to cast someone of a specific race, gender, or ethnicity to make a point about the play. Colorblind casting: casting the best person for the part, regardless of race,
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Unformatted text preview: gender, or ethnicity. • Three types of conflict o Man vs. man or man vs. society o Man vs. himself o Man vs. the universe (god, the elements, fate) • Brian Engel o Lighting designer o In order to see the idea to the director he must give a speech (most important part of trying to get the job) o After getting the job, he enters an incubation period (time off, does research) o Technical rehearsals: all the lights are off, the lighting director shows each person where to point the light (goes scene by scene) The lights paint the stage • Sean Urbantke o Set designer o Reads the play first ten reads it with the director o Starts research o Meets with people about money and how to get things done • Frank Labowitz o Costume designer o Creates paper models, white models, dioramas, computer models etc. . in order to capture the atmosphere of the play o Meets with costume shops...
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thet study guide cont - gender or ethnicity • Three types...

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