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health exam 3 study guide

health exam 3 study guide - Health 130 Exam 3 Study Guide...

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Health 130: Exam 3 Study Guide Obesity – The new frontier of Public health Law: - differences in the role of the FDA and FTC o FTC: federal responsibility for the regulation of advertisement; by agreement with the FDA, the FTC has primary authority over food advertising May regulate unfair or deceptive business practices including advertising o FDA: regulates food labeling - What is meant by the “new frontier” o The new target or task at hand that public health is trying to prevent and control (obesity) - How has the law been used to accomplish public health successes o The law is a powerful instrument of public health o The government has both the power and duty to regulate private behavior o Paternalistic intervention into lifestyle choices; enfeeble notion of personal responsibility - Differences between tobacco control and obesity: o Obesity control… o People can not refrain from eating o High calorie foods may be beneficial o No food-related harm is equivalent to 2 nd hand smoke o No evidence that food has physically addictive properties Do food companies manipulate good content to encourage dependence? (a question to think about) o Tobacco control… o Clinical intervention 4 a’s ( ask, advise, assess, assist) Screening, pharmacotherapy and counseling o Educational strategies Primary prevention in schools, counter-marketing o Regulatory efforts Control/access/sales. Restrict advertising, outlaw o Economics Increase costs to smoke - Regulatory targets and examples of approaches to obesity prevention through legislation (article diagram) o Food environment o Schools: Legislation: nutrition standards for school lunch programs Administrative regulations: school-district banning sugar-sweetened beverages from school vending machines Litigation: suits against school boards that permit schools to accept money from soft-drink companies in exchange for exclusive vending rights o Community: Legislation: taxation of non-nutritious foods subsidies for producers or buyers of nutritious foods expansion of federal trade commission’s authority to regulate food advertising
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Administrative regulations: restrictions on use of food stamps to purchase non-nutritious foods Requirements for nutrition labels on food products Litigation: claims against manufacturers of non-nutritious foods for product defects and unfair business practices o Physical activity o Schools: physical education requirements in public schools o Community: funding for walking and bicycle trails o Insurance coverage Mandated coverage of weight-loss treatments by private health plans Know what “open and obvious” means in relation to obesity lawsuits. - dangers must be proved to be hidden or deceptive o counter claims made in form of labeling o hold individuals accountable for their decisions Be familiar with why advertising to children may be seen as deceptive.
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health exam 3 study guide - Health 130 Exam 3 Study Guide...

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