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Health 130: Exam 2 Study Guide The interesting paradox of public health: - “when public health is working, nothing happens” o we don’t see when its working because we aren’t tuned into public health in action o people only pay attention when there are problems o then it looks like public health isn’t doing its job o also when things are being done by the public health community there is nothing that should be happening in the sense that the diseases and sickness aren’t occurring because of the public health work five-step process of approaching health problems in a community: - define the problem o requires research o trained community members to oversee and collect data o community based partnership research - identify risk factors o in terms of behaviors and individuals, natural and built environments - develop and test community interventions o program to intervene to remove or modify risk factors o test to make sure its feasible and there aren’t any unintended consequence - implement interventions - monitor/evaluate interventions PRECEDE-PROCEED model: its purpose, how it relates to public health activities… - planning model to orient folks to how we go about engaging with communities - precede – predisposing, reinforcing, enabling, constructs, in education/environmental diagnosis and evaluation o educational diagnosis – then you can develop and implement and evaluate a program - Proceed – policy, regulatory and organizational constructs in educational and environmental development - There are many factors which lead to the quality of life 1988 IOM report, The Future of Public Health , in terms of: its focus, how it characterized the state of public health and the major functions and services of public health agencies/agents: - most comprehensive, in-depth look at the united states’ public health systems - began process of systemic change - the report stated that the capacity of governmental agencies to perform essential public health functions was lacking - emphasized “assuring the conditions so people can be healthy” as part of the mission of public health o labs and settings where work was performed was not prepared or good enough anymore - defined the substance of public as. . o all the organized community efforts aimed at preventing disease and promoting health o a cadre of public health professionals mobilized to engage in prevention activities
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- focused on the government’s responsibilities Why public health is a “public” matter: - it is for the communities 3 health components: 1. Assurance: to ensure populations to have access to appropriate care - enforce laws, ling to provide care, assure competent workforce, evaluation (assuring that all populations have access to appropriate and cost effective care, including health promotion and disease prevention services, and evaluation of the effectiveness of that care) - federal agency; regulatory functions o make sure that things being done are lawful o enforcement: inspectors that go into work places to make sure that the environment
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health study guide test 2 - Health 130 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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