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HIST157 Study Guide

HIST157 Study Guide - Study Guide Exam I I...

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Study Guide - Exam I I. Reconstruction (1865-1877) A. What were the North’s goals for the South after the Civil War? What were the South’s needs? The North was interested in ending slavery in the south and having the south come back into the union. When the war was over, the south’s infrastructure was destroyed, including crops, roads, and food sources. The south needed to be restored in terms of their economy. B. What did the South do to thwart emancipation? 1. Violence by “nightriders” The KKK and other terrorist groups were pissed off about emancipation of slaves and took it out on the blacks. Lynching occurred as well. 2. Black Codes Codes developed in the south for blacks. Blacks could not vote, go to school, hold office, bear firearms or meet in large groups. However, they were allowed to marry, name themselves, but could not vote C. Describe the differences between Presidential Reconstruction and Congressional (Radical) Reconstruction The new president, Andrew Johnson, took over after Lincoln was assassinated. He had some bitterness toward the south and he wanted more rapid results for reconstruction. Radical reconstruction: 1867-1868 republicans passed reconstruction acts of 1867 to take away black codes. They wanted to give blacks potential rights. D. How radical was Radical Reconstruction? What measures were enacted during it? E. What political changes occurred in the South during Reconstruction? 1. Changes in voting 1868 the first time a black man could vote. 16 black congressman, 1500 black representatives 2. “Scalawags” and “carpetbaggers”
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scalawags: white southerners who become republican and cooperate Carpetbaggers: those who assisted in education and work for the freedmen 3. Accomplishments of Reconstruction governments F. Who were the Redeemers? What were their goals? Formal white ruling class, democrats came back into power and took over and redeemed themselves. They tried to change laws G. How did most Freedmen’s lives change during Reconstruction? H. What was the Compromise of 1877? What were its effects? Republicans gave votes to Hayes as long as he ends reconstruction and allows the fate of the freedmen to be decided in the states 1. What were its effects? Troops were withdrawn from the south 2. How does it reflect the North’s growing disinterest? II. Immigration A. What were the origins of New Immigrants versus Old Immigrants? Central, southern, eastern Europe. italians were the old B. What were their motivations for coming to America? Jobs, better life C. What conditions did they encounter? 1. How does Riis describe the living conditions in NYC?
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HIST157 Study Guide - Study Guide Exam I I...

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