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MEDIA EFFECTS THEORIES Social Action Theory Developed by Anderson and Meyer ”For most of the history of research in mass communication, content has been seen as a silver bullet shot from a media gun to penetrate a hapless audience" (Anderson & Meyer, p. 48). Audiences are not hepless nor passive. Media audiences participate actively in mediated communication; they construct meanings from the content they perceive. Social action theory sees communication interaction in terms of actors’ intent, receivers' interpretations, and message content. Meaning is not delivered in the communication process, rather it is constructed within it. Each communication act generates at least three separate and potentially different sites of this construction. Meanings arise in: 1. The intentions of the producer. 2. The conventions of the content. 3. The interpretations of the receiver. Media Effects-Music Video? Do music videos have messages? Apply social action theory: --intentions of the artist/producer --content features --viewer/receiver interpretations Any likely effects?
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Cultivation Theory Developed by George Gerbner Central Claim: Persistent long term exposure to TV content has small but measurable effects on the perceptual worlds of audience members. Heavy TV viewing creates an exaggerated belief in a “mean and scary world.” (Gerbner) TV has surpassed religion as the key storyteller of our (US American) culture. Vicarious experience? Video Screen Time
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