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THE PRIMARY EFFECTS OF PORNOGRAPHY (1) Even "soft" porn is harmful to everyone . (2) All pornography desensitizes the viewer. (3) Pornography is addictive. (4) Pornography degrades marriages. (5) Pornography increases crime in dangerous offenders. (6) Pornography encourages and facilitates other crimes. Reference. These impacts are also listed in The Hill-Link Minority Report of the Presidential Commission on Obscenity and Pornography . A copy of this report, written in 1970, may be ordered from Morality in Media, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 10115. (1) EVEN "SOFT" PORN IS HARMFUL TO EVERYONE! Eighteen separate studies have shown that "soft" porn, which involve acts between consenting adults, definitely desensitizes all viewers, and may lead to extremely violent behavior.[4] Pornography adversely affects every person who views it not only the dangerous sex offender caricatured in cartoons, but everyone . It interferes with interpersonal relationships and personal moral development in all persons who view it. In fact, soft-core porn has been involved in numerous adolescent male suicides. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported many cases where a young male will suspend himself by the neck from a rope and masturbate while holding a soft-core magazine in the hope of attaining an extremely intense orgasm. Not surprisingly, these deaths (classified as "autoerotic asphyxiation") are not often made public. It is estimated that about 1,000 such accidental suicides occur in the United States each year. In many cases, the issue of Hustler magazine that describes how to perform the so-called "orgasm of death" have been found at the feet of the victims.[5] In many cases, even young kids have unwittingly killed their friends and siblings while following suggestions that have been printed in "soft-core" magazines, proving that it is not only hardened perverts and criminals who are adversely affected by porn. For example, Zacharian Hurt, 13, read a porn magazine and then carefully wrapped shoelaces around the necks of two boys his 8-year old brother, Benjamin, and Todd Pigg, Jr., 7 and pulled them tight, accidentally strangling them. (2) ALL PORNOGRAPHY DESENSITIZES THE VIEWER. All pornography soft, hard, and even 'neutral' sex-education materials, desensitize the viewer and allow him to become conditioned to sexual acts, violent and nonviolent, as an integral part of human behavior. This conclusion has been reached in 26 separate studies.[4] An interesting 1984 Gallup survey showed that two-thirds of respondents believed that viewing violence on television was harmful to others, but only five percent believed that such viewing was harmful to themselves .[4]
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Leading sexual violence researchers Neil Malamuth, Ed Donnerstein, and Dolf Zillman state that, in general, Pornography desensitizes. Exposure to these materials, whether violent or nonviolent, coercive or noncoercive, experimentally increases male aggressive behavior against women, and decreases both male
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