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Sabrina Lauredent Lab 10: Muscle Strength November 15, 2010 I. Pre Lab Preparatory Information A. Quantifying Muscle Action -Grip strength can be used to diagnose neuromuscular problems like a stroke, herniated disks, carpal tunnel, and elbow tendinitis. -Newton- unit of force that causes something with a mass of 1 kilogram to accelerate at 1 meter/second/second -relationship between an object’s mass and acceleration is F=ma (Newton’s Second Law of Motion -acceleration is how fast you are getting slower of faster, Δ in velocity
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Unformatted text preview: -velocity is the change in distance per time-weight is a force yet it is not mass: the measurement of the amount of matter something contains B. Be familiar with the International System of Units -relating measurement of force to the anatomy of skeletal muscle II. In-Lab Exercises-Grip Strength Comparison A. Hand Grip Strength -Using LoggerPro and Hand Dynamometer to measure grip strength B. Finger Pinch Strength...
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