ENV100Y5 Equations for Quiz #2

ENV100Y5 Equations for Quiz #2 - Population Growth Rate...

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ENV100Y5Y Environment: Some Fundamental Equations Quiz #1: (We didn’t cover any equations during the Quiz #1 lectures.) Quiz #2: NPP = GPP – respiration (where NPP is Net Primary Productivity and GPP is Gross Primary Productivity) Content (or burden) of a material in a reservoir = Concentration (of that material) x mass (or volume) of the reservoir as a whole
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Unformatted text preview: Population Growth Rate = [(Birth rate + immigration) – (Death rate + emigration)] ÷ Population size Doubling time = 70/r (where r = growth rate) Quiz #3: I = PATS (where I = Impact, P = Population, A = Affluence, T = Technology, S = Sensitivity)...
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