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Chapters 1-8 readover - Business law

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Intro to court systems: There are two type: Federal court system, and the court system over 50 states, district of Columbia and territories of the US. Each system has its own jurisdiction to listen to deferent types of law suits. State system of Columbia and territory court systems: Each sate, the District of Columbia and all territories of the usa had its own separate court system, refered as a state court, most stares court system include the following juresctiction: limited jurstriction trial court, general-jurestriction trial court, intermediate jourstriction trial court and supreme court. Limited jurstriction trial court: deals fist only limited cases and its also refered as inferior courts. Aslo in many states this courts are also called justice- of-the-peace courts and they deal with misdeminors, criminal law, family law, accidents or traffic related problems. In limited jurstiction courts, testimonies and evidence can be introduced and theyr decisions can usuall be appealed in the general-jurestiction court of apeales or
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