Test review - Test1Review Staggerboard?53 Agencytheory

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Test 1 Review  Stagger board??  53  Agency theory  Triggering events for strategic change  Evaluating position, what should you ask yourself  Emphasis of strategic mgmt  Strategy implementation 21  Product differentiation 111  Discretionary responsibilities Ch 3  Willingness to reject unfamiliar or neg info 108  Sarbanes Oxley protects?  55  Brainstorming   Strategic flexibility  Social responsibility  Affliated director 49  Responsibilities of BOD in strategic mgmt 46  Benefits of being socially responsible 75  Strategic vision?   Secondary stakeholders who are they 77  Benefit of globalization 8  Common reasons exec give for doing unethical things 81  How mgrs can improve ethical behavior 83  Adaptive mode of strategic decision making 26  How would you describe a corporate mission  NYSE requires audit committee? 55  Outside director  Complimentor 113  Consolidated industry 114 
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This note was uploaded on 11/30/2010 for the course MGMT 464 taught by Professor Cappel during the Fall '10 term at S.E. Louisiana.

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Test review - Test1Review Staggerboard?53 Agencytheory

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