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japanese taiko drumming - Champagne Introduction to World...

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Champagne Introduction to World Music Japanese Taiko Drumming Before attending the Japanese Taiko Drumming concert, I knew little about the art of Taiko drumming and researched some information about it just to get an idea of what I was to expect. I arrived at the concert expecting to simply have a good time, just as I would at any other concert. In no way did I expect a performance overflowing with such an abundance of spirit and energy. It was definitely an amazing spectacle that I know I will never forget. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming which explained the great diversity in people that made up the audience. There were some Japanese people that were present, but they didn’t make up the majority of the audience. There actually seemed to be a representation of many different backgrounds. This also applied to the age ranges of those who attended. The ages ranged from children, whose parents brought them to have a good time, to older generations. Older audience members dressed for a nice evening out but overall the dress code was casual. If there was anything all the members seemed to have in common, it was the enthusiasm for the upcoming concert. The announcer, director of the Japan America Society of Pennsylvania, surely stimulated my enthusiasm by informing us about the backgrounds of the performers in the concert, some of whom that hold respectable achievements in their specialties. The two pieces I chose to focus on do not only involve the Taiko drums, but also the electric bass and a Japanese chordophone called the Tsugaru Shamisen. I liked the idea of focusing on a traditional Japanese song (“TSUGARU-jongarabushi”) and on a song that was used to end the concert (“Eternal Energy”). 1
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Champagne The first song I chose to focus on is called “TSUGARU-jongarabushi.” The instruments involved in this piece were one Taiko drum, two electric basses and the Tsugaru Shamisen. The Tsugaru Shamisen is a stringed instrument that appeared to have
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japanese taiko drumming - Champagne Introduction to World...

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