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1 EXPERIMENT NO.1 Name of experiment:To determine the percentage of water for normal consistency for a given sample of cement Apparatus : Vicat’s apparatus with plunger of 10mm dia, measuring cylinder, weighing balance, weight box, , trowel. Theory : Standard consistency of cement is defined as that consistency witch will permit plunger to penetrate at 33.34from the top of the mould. The consistency cement paste is expressed as a percentage by wt of dry cement. Usually this percentage varies from 26% to 33%. Vicat’s Apparatus : As vicat’s apparatus consist of a frame bearing a movable rod of weight 300grms. At the upper end of this rod a cap is provided low rend 1.13mm n of weight 300grms. It the upper end of this rod a cap is privy deed while at the 1.13mm needle or plunger of 10mm diameter is shown in. Diagram : Vicat’s apparatus, plunger Procedure : 1.Take 400gm of cement and weight carefully and Add 20% water in Care should be taken that mining time is not less than 3min and gauging shall be counted from the time of adding water 2.Fill the paste in the mould .The excess paste to trim off and vibration are given to remove air bubbles. 3.Fix the 10mm dia. plunger in the moving rod and bring down in touch with the paste 4.Release the plunger. 5.Repeal the procedure till it penetrate 33-34mm from the top & note down the water percentage Observation Table: So. No. Wt of cement (Gm) Percentage by wt of dry cement Amount of water added (ml) Penetration 1 2 3 Precaution : 1) The procedure should be conducted within 3-5min 2) The reading should be taken carefully Result The percentage of water for normal consistency for the given sample of cement is ……. .
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2 Experiment NO.2 Name of experiment : To determine the initial and final setting time of a given sample of cement. Apparatus : 1. vicar’s apparatus mould and non-porous plate, needle 2. weighing balance , weight box 3. measuring cylinder 4. stop watch Diagram : Theory : When water is mixed to cement, a reaction start, this reaction is known as hydration. Due to this reaction the mixture of cement and water starts changing from one fluid state to a solid state This is called setting of cement In the first few minute the setting action is more predominant and after some time hardening action becomes rapid. It is defined period elapsing between the time water added to the cement and the time when the 1mm sq section needle fails to penetrate cement this block to depth of about 5mm form the bottom of the mould Generally the initial setting time of cement is not less than 30min Procedure : 1. Take about 500gms of cement. 2. Add water of standard consistency. To make cement paste. 3. To make the surface of the cement paste is till smooth and level. 4.
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