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Alibre Design - Drawing Tutorial 1 1 Alibre Design - Drawing Tutorial 1 Introduction This tutorial guides you through the creation of your first Alibre Design drawing. You can quickly create drawings directly from parts and assemblies you have already modeled. Changes made to driving dimensions in a part/assembly are automatically applied to the drawing, and vice versa. It is assumed that you have previously read and worked through Modeling Fundamentals , Part Modeling Tutorial 1 , and Assembly Modeling Tutorial 1 before starting this tutorial. You will be using the Enclosure part created in Part Modeling Tutorial 1 to create a simple drawing. This tutorial will cover: ± Opening a new drawing workspace. ± Selecting a drawing template. ± Setting the drawing scale. ± Inserting standard views into the drawing. ± Adding dimensions to the drawing views. ± Adding notes and annotations to the drawing. ± Saving a drawing to the Repository. Starting Alibre Design 1 From the Windows Start menu, click Programs > Alibre Design . The Alibre Design Launcher window appears. 2 Click either Work Offline or Connect Now to launch Alibre Design. You can complete this tutorial working either offline or online. The Alibre Design Home window appears.
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Alibre Design - Drawing Tutorial 1 2 Opening a New Drawing Workspace 1 To open a new drawing workspace, on the Home window, from the File menu, select New > Drawing , or click the New Drawing icon on the main toolbar. The New Sheet Properties dialog box appears. Selecting a Drawing Template Select the template size, set the scale, and enter some title block information. 1 In the New Sheet Properties dialog box, select the Standard template option. 2 Select the ANSI B size template. 3 Set the Default View Scale as 1.0 : 4.0 . 4 Click OK . The Fill In Text dialog box appears. 5 Select the Drawn item in the Select Tag Field list and then type your initials in the DRAWN text box. 6 Select the DWG NO. item in the list and then type dwg1 in the DWG NO. text box. 7 Select the DATE item in the list and then type today’s date in the DATE text box. 8 Click OK . A new drawing workspace opens as well as the Insert Design dialog box. 9 From the Insert Design dialog box, in the Repository Explorer, select the Tutorial folder. 10 Select the Enclosure part from the item list. 11 Click OK . The Standard Views Creation dialog box appears. Selecting the Standard Drawing Views Now select which standard views to insert into the drawing. 1 The first step in selecting the standard views is to select the view that you want to use as the front view. In the Front View area of the dialog box, click the Workspace Orientation button. The Orientations dialog box appears. 2
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Drawing_Tutorial_1 - Alibre Design Drawing Tutorial 1...

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