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Engineering Drawing I ntroduces, G lobal e -Learning S ystem in E ducation & T raining in the form of L earning R esources with C omputer A ided I nstructions ENGINEERS PVT.LTD. Learning/Training Resources with Computer Aided Instructions in subject of Theory Module Software Module Video Module Termwork Module System Requirement:- IBM-PC Compatible with Window-OS, 128 MB RAM/Multimedia Kit Theory module Features : Theory, Figures, Photographs, Animations with controller, Highlighter tool, Note creation facility, Systematic page navigation, Printing facility. Introduction List of Drawing Instruments, Drawing Board Details, General Suggestions, Working of Minidrafter, General Layout of Sheet, Types of Lines, Correct Methods for Drawing Lines, Drawing Lines By Using Set Squares, Lettering, Scales, Types of Scales, Dimensions. List of Topics Principle Planes of Projection, Principle Plane, Auxiliary Plane, Types of Section. Orthographic Projections
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