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Evangelos Tsevdos Evangelos Katsamakas Information Systems September 23, 2009 Microsoft unleashed a new search engine, called Bing on May 28, 2009 to rival Google in the search engine industry. Although both search engines are similar in how they operate, I found that Bing had some technical and performance differences that I found to be superior to those of Google and I personally ended up preferring Bing over Google. For example, Bing’s form of organizing search results is much different than that of Google, which uses “related search suggestions”. Bing organizes the results on the left upper side of the page into categories in what is know as the “Explore Panel”(Boehret). By clicking on the category you can further narrow down your search into something that you want. Additionally, Bing lists the results from each category into the main page in web groups, which change as you scroll down the page. There is a listed category followed by some results within that category. As you scroll down the page there is another category with some results. The subheadings could be easy to miss if you don’t examine the page carefully; however, once becoming adjusted to Bing the subheadings are rather easy and useful to find and apply. Secondly, Bing employs a Farecast technology, which is designed to locate the cheapest flights and hotels based on recent trends. Farecast records airfares and room rates for a particular history, and based on this is able to predict prices for the near future. Tsevdos 1
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Therefore, when preparing to travel passengers can wait for the best possible time to travel. Farecast was so accurate, that in an independent study its predictions were 74.5% accurate and saved the average traveler $55 on airfare.(McNichol) Additionally, Microsoft has another feature on the left side of its page as “Search History”. Personally, I like this feature which keeps track of your queries for up to 48 hours or as long as your on the same browser. Moreover, another characteristic which Bing utilizes better than Google is their “best match” which often times only lists one link which Microsoft is confident is the one you are looking for. Unlike Google, which spits out thousands of links I have realized that Bing severely cuts this useless information out and gives you one link when it believes it is certain. For example, when I type in AOL in Bing, Bing lists the one link, which is the one I am looking for. When I type it into Google, I get thousands
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Bing vs Google - Tsevdos 1 Evangelos Tsevdos Evangelos...

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