essay 1 - email Therefore it would be very inconvenience...

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Trung Vo 660777390 After reading your story, I am realizing that we are currently in a serious financial situation. I would never have thought that educators were even forced to take furlough days. However, I support the furlough day’s idea of U of I. The State is in arrears of University if Illinois by approximately half Billion Dollars. If this situation continues, the University will not be able to pay its employees. Furlough day is an acceptable way to deal with this economic situation in the short run. However, the furlough day requirement is unreasonable. It forbids professors to participate in any form of company business including accessing the organizations computer system, i.e. e-mail. As we all know, most of students contact their professors via email whenever they have problems about homework or assignment. If professors are forbidden to access their emails then how can they reply to students and help them out. In addition, the best way for professors to announce and reach their students is also
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Unformatted text preview: email. Therefore, it would be very inconvenience for both professors and students. I believe furlough day is an unpaid day off, not a labor day. Hence UIC should not forbid its employee from access their emails. In addition, I totally support UIC about the advisory that not to take a furlough day on a teaching day. I am current enrolling at UIC, and I understand how much the lectures are important to me as a student. For that reason, I also advise professors not to take a day off on furlough days. There is not only one student, but also more than 200 students will be waiting for their lectures. Consequently, I comprehend that the furlough days have made it very difficult for professors. However, the economy has left the University no choice. I believe no one would want to force the educators to take day off. Our future is in the educators’ hands. Trung Vo 660777390 Therefore, I strongly appreciate the helps from every professor at UIC. Thank you! Trung Vo...
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essay 1 - email Therefore it would be very inconvenience...

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