Final Team Presentation - Spring 2010 - F2F

Final Team Presentation - Spring 2010 - F2F - BA200 Final...

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BA200 – Final Team Final Report and Presentation Corte BA200 – Spring 2010 – F2F Page 1 BA200 Final Team Presentation Assigned: April 5, 2010 Due: April 28, 2010 Points: 8 An oral Team presentation of your Final Team Report. Length: 5 - 6 Minutes. Teams will be cut-off at 6 minutes. Plagiarism: All presentations are subject to electronic review for plagiarism. Students who plagiarize their final presentations and/or papers will receive a failing grade for this course and will be referred to the Judicial Review Board within the Student Services Department of UIC for further sanctions. If you are not sure what constitutes plagiarism or if your presentation contains plagiarized sections, contact Professor Corte. Refer to the Final Team Presentation Rubric (pages 2 - 3) for areas to include in your presentation and point structure. All team members must be present and participate in the presentation. Presentation Date: April 28, 2010 – Regular Class Meeting Total Points Available: 8 Each team member will receive an average of all team member presentation scores. Remember, your team is competing against the other four teams! Specifics: 1) Attire – Business 2) Enthusiasm a) Appropriate Facial Expressions b) Appropriate Body Language c) Spunk! 3) Preparedness – Rehearsed 4) Speech a) Professional b) Clear c) Distinct d) No Mispronunciations e) Use of “and”, “ah”, “um”, etc 5) Posture and Eye Contact a)
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2010 for the course BUSINESS 16515 taught by Professor Antonycorte during the Spring '09 term at UChicago.

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Final Team Presentation - Spring 2010 - F2F - BA200 Final...

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