Hello everyone - to get a gun and kill one And now you can...

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Hello everyone. Thank you for allowing me time to be here. Today I hope to persuade you that selling and buying gun is a social problem in America, and a federal law should be passed to stop the selling and buying of guns. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey about 1/6 th of the population of criminals in the U.S. are associated with guns in 1993. I have done much research on this topic and I have a lot of evidence to support my claims. I’m confident that many of you have heard about guns issues and crime at least once in your lifetime, and maybe concerned that one-day it will happen to you or your family. For instance, we have several crime that happened at UIC are related to gun. Today, I will go over with you three main points which are A, As I mentioned, gun causes thousand crimes every year 1. 70% of the 24,526 murders in 1993 were committed with firearms. 2. 80% of the guns are produced in the United States, therefore it is not so difficult
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Unformatted text preview: to get a gun, and kill one. And now you can realize that gun is a cause of several crimes every year. In the result, thousand of people have died. Therefore, I would like to move on my second main point, which is B 1. A research has show, In 2005, 61,388 people died by guns. However, it is not the only result of gun usage, therefore I would like to take you to my last main point C 1. There were 13, 568 accidental deaths by gunshot in 1994. There were 19,590 suicides involved children 14 years old and younger. In the conclusion, I believe that many of us can imagine how the world without gun would be?. A better future for our children without violence and crimes. Today I have gone over three main points…. They have been saying that guns don’t kill people, only people kill people. But do you feel okay if you know someone in class have a gun....
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Hello everyone - to get a gun and kill one And now you can...

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