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MEMORANDUM DATE: February 12, 2010 TO: Anthony Corte, Superior FROM: Trung Vo SUBJECT: Additional Information About Employee Problem I have investigated the employee problem further due to your requested last time. And I would like to provide you the timeline and plans, which I will follow to explore more about this problem. Sunday is always the busiest of the week. And we only have three employees at the restaurant. Therefore, several customers could not wait, and they decided to leave. Consequently, our sales have gone down extremely. Here are the dates and plans that I will follow in order to obtain more formation about this problem. Following these steps will help us to find out how serious the problem is.
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Unformatted text preview: Date Plan February 20, 2010 I will observe and record the amount of customer at the restaurant on different day of the week. Then I will compare to see if the amount of customer change between Sunday and the other days. February 21, 2010 I will ask the employees about their opinion how Sunday compare to the other days of the week. Is the restaurant busy on Sunday or not? February 22, 2010 I will compare and analyze Sunday’s revenue with other day’s revenue of the week. Please email your opinion about my plans by February 25, 2005. Thus, we can work out this problem and improve our sales for the next coming Sunday....
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