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BA 200 Managerial Communications Practice Writing Assignment #1 Assigned: January 27, 2010 Due: January 29, 2010 Points: 0 The best way to become an effective business communicator is to practice. This practice assignment will help both you to evaluate and improve your business writing ability. As you know, the State of Illinois is experiencing a massive financial crisis. The State is several months behind in paying its bills and in some cases, may never fulfill its financial obligation. The University of Illinois is an example of where the State is in arrears by approximately ½ Billion Dollars. In response, the U of I including UIC has instituted major cutbacks including the mandate that faculty and staff take furlough days. A furlough day is an unpaid day off. The employee is forbidden to participate in any form of company business including accessing the organizations computer system, i.e. e-mail. All UIC Faculty must take one furlough day per pay period for the next four pay periods
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