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It means students at the University of Illinois will have less courses and instructors to choose. The students also need to spend more money on their tuition. The class size will also effect the education of the students here. If the class size is bigger, the instructors will have less chance to make sure that their students understand the lessons. Furthermore, the tuition for university is already high, so if they higher it by 20%, many students will not have enough money for school anymore. They might drop out and start working. This, in turn, will hurt the reputation of the university. If the school has bad reputation and high tuition, students will not choose to attend it. 7:28 PM Because of the economic crisis, the unemployment rate is really high right now, so just a
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Unformatted text preview: few of those students who drop out would actually have a job. The rest of them will add up to the unemployment rate and make it higher. Another thing might also be higher is the crime rate. It might go up because there should be many people with no money and job and education. To make up for this disadvantage, the students must be more active. They need to ask immediately if they don’t understand something. Besides that, the students should make appointment and spend more time with their instructors for discussing about the courses. Moreover, they might also want to aim for scholarships and part-time jobs so that they can afford the tuition....
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