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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE School of Business Administration BUS 103 Marketing and Distribution Management FALL 2010 Dr. Sean D. Jasso EXAM 2 The following are the questions to prepare for your second exam. On the two exam days we will randomly select among the questions – the quantity of questions will be determined on exam day. Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible, providing rich detail from our lectures, readings, and discussions. The organization of your answers, the complexity of your analysis, and the clarity of your critical thinking are the key elements of your evaluation. 1. On Pricing & Distribution – a. Discuss the difference between value-based pricing and cost-based pricing. Describe how your project company currently prices its main products or services. Is this the best method? Why or why not? b. How does a vertical marketing system differ from a horizontal marketing system? Identify the system that best describes your project company’s distribution approach.
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