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BISC120_Exam1_Fall07_page6 - Your Name — ‘ A I C Very...

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Unformatted text preview: Your Name: — ‘ A I. C. Very short answer (2 pts x 5 = 10). Consider the following phylogeny: _ :-' ,_ , _ pampkflaiwgmp {instill 159x) s» o J LAMPHEY (salmon, 9. internal nostril ‘ B. ”1|“de limb hm! (r y ) 21. What is the best outgroup to the group containing salmon and lizards? Sh dirk 22. Name a derived character shared by salmon and lizards larab dermal Lam;- 23. What is the most recent common ancestor to sharks, salmon and lizards? I 0m? H11 24. Which character exhibits homoplasy- in this tree? {In tax/S on 5“th and ”than 25‘ Draw a paraphyietic group onto the tree ...
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