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BISC120_FinalExam_Fall05_page11 - Name TA D Definitions...

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Unformatted text preview: Name TA D. Definitions. Write only in the space provided (5 points each. 30 points total) 79. Y chromosome Adam 80, Emotherm 81Rain shadow 82. Population momentum 83. Fundamental niche 84. K-seiected species E. Matching. Indicate the correct match by writing the letter on the appropriate line. Please-write in CAPITAL LE'I‘I'ERS only. Use each letter only once. (3 points each. 15 points total) 85. 4_ Age of Fishes A) KIT boundary 86. f Age of Amphibians B) Devonian 8?. _ Age of Reptiles C) Mesozoic 88-. _ Origin of Craniates D) Carboniferous 89. _ Extinction of Dinosaurs E) Cambrian Total nnints: this nane 11 ...
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