The significance of ED%26C in the initial professional development (IPD) of civil engineers

The significance of ED%26C in the initial professional development (IPD) of civil engineers

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Unformatted text preview: The significance of ED&C in the initial professional development (IPD) of civil engineers 18 September 2010 18 W H Fok MSc(Eng) MA(ArbDR) EngD CEng RPE 1RSE-PRC FICE FIStructE FIHT FHKIE FCIArb FHKIArb MAPM/APMP What is your ultimate goal for studying civil engineering? studying To become a qualified civil To engineer some day! engineer But…….what are the But…….what requirements to become one? requirements Three Crucial Steps to become Qualified 1. 2. 3. Graduation Training and/or experience Qualification IPD FORMAL TRAINING ROUTE (Civil) Recognised academic qualification GENERAL EXPERIENCE ROUTE Training Scheme ‘A’ 3 years General Experience 5 years Responsible experience 1 year IPD Responsible experience 1 year Minimum 4 years Minimum 6 years Professional Assessment Corporate Membership Source: HKIE Membership Booklet M3- Routes to Corporate Membership The qualities/capabilities that a civil engineer has to possess for professional qualification: has - Know the overall civil engineering procedure - Can interpret client’s requirements into Can engineering problems engineering - Can find feasible solutions to identified problems - Can compare the merits of alternative solutions - Can use appropriate codes to work out the solutions - Can present the solutions in documents/drawings - Understand how a civil engineering contract works - Can play your role according to contract As the IPD environment is so different from that of the university studies, the ED&C project is a valuable exposure to get you prepared. get How ED&C help you to get familiar with the real project environment and attain the qualities of a professional civil engineer: - The projects are adapted from real projects - Projects are multi-disciplinary in nature - Team work is necessary - Free hand to generate solution - Has to meet all client’s requirements - Has to deliver in acceptable format within Has the time frame the - Industrial tutor involved in progress/quality Industrial monitoring The stages of a civil engineering project: The Project Initiation Feasibility Study Preliminary Design Detailed Design Construction Contract Preparation Examples of former ED&C projects: - A bridge in an international airport good for the bridge taxiing of the biggest passenger aircrafts taxiing - An underground railway station next to a busy An road with future property development on top and connection to several phases of metro lines connection - A mega-size container freight station for the mega-size loading and unloading of container vehicles to be built above a busy operating container terminal built - A new auditorium for HKU good for large-scale new ceremonies and cultural performances ceremonies - A major cross boundary facility between Shenzhen major and Hong Kong and Your performance is judged upon: - Efforts in identifying problems arising from Efforts client’s requirements client’s - Approach in working out solution(s) and Approach comparing their merits comparing - Cooperation and Teamwork - Adherence to time schedule - Documentation of work in properly prepared Documentation reports, scaled drawings and minutes reports, - The completeness and logical sequencing of The the verbal presentation the The ED&C project never ask you for: - The “BEST” solution - All the details good for construction Common obstacles to a successful project: - lack of initiative to appreciate the client's requirements - underestimate the time needed for development and underestimate completion of project completion - avoid problems instead of solving problems avoid - rely on tutors (seniors) to tell you what to do - weak in getting relevant knowledge and information - poor teamwork - do not make good use of meetings and their minutes - poor minute preparation, report writing and drawing poor skills skills Experience sharing with past students with Q&A ...
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