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Unformatted text preview: ENV IRON MENTAL CONSERVATION There are many signs that indicate environmental degradation. This includes unpredictable climate changes, thinning of ozone layer, green house effects, global warming, air pollution and also polluted water source filled with toxic substances. The cause of environmental degradation is clear, and steps must be taken to mitigate such environmental impacts. This can be done by educating the younger generation as well as the public to be aware of the importance of environmental quality. Recycling should be encouraged as a common practice for all parties, domestic and commercial alike from households to factories. Use of plastic bottles should also be reduced as it is non-biodegradable and detrimental to the environment. For that matter, use of plastic bags should also be avoided. Disposal of waste should be done as such that it is burnt as an energy source at power production plants. I t is also advised that the use of styrofoam as food containers be eliminated. Instead, restaurants and food stalls should use containers be eliminated....
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