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Unformatted text preview: Why quality management matters? Among the points discussed during the class, choose two and elaborate them. Support your writing using real business examples. Is the Quality Cycle principle applicable to your personal life? Quality is a wonderful stimulant for improving operations. Managing quality helps build successful strategies of differentiation, low cost, and response. For instance, customer quality expectations have helped Bose Corporation as we discussed in class. It was helped successfully differentiate its stereo speakers as the best in the world. Also, Dell Computers rapidly responds to customer orders because quality systems, with little rework, has allowed the company to achieve rapidly within its plants. Improvements in quality help firms increase sales and reduce costs, both of which can increase profitability. Lastly, the lack of quality affects the entire organization from the supplier to the customer and from product design to maintenance. Yes the quality cycle principle is applicable to my personal life. 1. from product design to maintenance....
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