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OM Quiz 3 Essays - Why forecasting? Discuss the role that...

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Why forecasting? Discuss the role that forecasting plays in business. Taking specific business example, contrast the results of poor forecasting with those of excellent forecasting. Forecasting is the art and science of predicting future events. Forecasting may involve taking historical data and projecting them into the future with some sort of mathematical model. It may be a subjective or intuitive prediction. Or it may involve a combination of these – that is, a mathematical model adjusted by a mangers good judgment. Forecasting gives you direction, forecasting = decisions, and foresting = saving. Critical decisions can then be made based on rational expectations of future conditions. In particular, forecasting often provides decision makers with time to react to unwanted outcomes (e.g., an economic recession). Forecasting facilitates the formulation of rational/ consistent economic policies that help the national economy achieve sustainable economic growth. A real business example is Nils Mueller, Global IDF Initiative Manager for Procter & Gamble, said: "In the current economic climate - with ever increasing volatility in demand - it is crucial to extend the supply chain visibility as closely to our customers as possible. Speed today is of the essence. Only those companies that can respond quickly to customer and consumer needs will stay ahead." What is Dell Computers source of competitive advantage? In a short paragraph, explain some of the steps dell has taken to develop this advantage. Dell computer has demonstrated that the payoff for mass customization can be
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OM Quiz 3 Essays - Why forecasting? Discuss the role that...

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